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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Field is too large (32k) or View's column & selection formulas are too large


Recently I noticed this error in Domino console (Domino 8.5.2 FP2):

Field is too large (32k) or View's column & selection formulas are too large

Since it didn't look as something unusual I started to fix it with intention to spend no more than 5-10 minutes on it. But it appeared not so easy to do that :-)

First I tried usual options for such cases:
  • load fixup -j <database> (my Domino server had transaction logging enabled)
  • load compact -c  -d <database>
It did not help.

Then I created a replica of target database: I hoped that newly created replica would not get documents with this issue so I could replace the old database with the new one (with the new replica). It did not work either.

Then I wrote an agent that helped me to find those documents which caused this error. I just wanted to see what's wrong with them. Though I found them, I couldn't do anything with them: couldn't delete, change or even get their properties.

Finally, surfing through Internet I found a hint that worked for me.
It was suggestion about running fixup task with parameter -V:

load fixup -j -v <database>

I do not add here the links to sites where I found this solution just because I do not remember which one I used. There are many of them in Internet which suggest the same solution. So it is not my idea - I just confirm that it really works.


  1. Last advice is dangerous - IT DELETES conflicting documents.

  2. Hi
    You are right.
    However, you may agree that careful resolving of replication conflicts is not necessary for every database you have. Sometimes you just delete them without any checking.

  3. Hai Yuriy, i have some problem like that but i got it when input some contacts to group mail on lotus note database. I click save & close button, then got that error 'Field is too large (32k) or View’s column & selection formulas are too large'. Until now, i am still searching the solution to solve that. Maybe can you help me? Thank you. Regards, Francois

    1. Hi

      Actually, Lotus Notes really has a limitation that size of all items in a document should not be more than 32Kb (this is correct for items with flag SUMMARY). Probably your group already contains many members and when you add new addresses there you exceed the limitation and get this error. I suggest you to split your group into two groups and include both of them into third group. Like: ParentGroup includes Child1Group and Child2Group and your members are divided between Child1Group and Child2Group

    2. Thanks Yuriy. Can you explain to me how to create nested group (parent and child group) in Lotus Notes ?

  4. HI!!
    I´m having the same problems in my servers and like you I need to identificate the documents that have this problem.
    Could you help with the agent that you design and use?
    Basically how do you identified the documents or the fields with more than 32K?
    A lot of thanks!!
    PD. Sorry for my bad english.