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Monday, August 7, 2017

Appending MIME item to NotesRichTextItem

Hi guys

May be this will save someone's day.

The story:
Some external UI posts HTML-data to Notes.
That HTML has to be added to NotesRichtextItem.

1) When I tested simple case manually all worked OK:

1.1) Here is my Notes form

1.2) I put some data in Notes document and save it
1.3) Then I run an agent over this document with code like

Sub Initialize
Dim s As New NotesSession
Dim doc As NotesDocument
Dim rt1 As NotesRichTextItem
Dim rt2 As NotesRichTextItem

Set doc = s.Documentcontext
Set rt1 = doc.getfirstitem("RTBody")
Set rt2 = doc.getfirstitem("MIMEBody")

Call rt1.Appendrtitem(rt2)

Call, False)
End Sub

1.4) The result is what I need

2) However when I create MIME item via lotusscript the result of merging was wrong:

Monday, June 12, 2017

Strange decision within IBM Verse update for June of 2017 on Android devices


IBM released a new update for IBM Verse in June 2017 - here is a link to "what's new".
There is a new feature for Android about:

Verse for Android: Certificate-based authentication

However I don't think the way it works is correct.
See my story below...

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Unable to build Xpages as the following library:, is not installed


I want to share one strange thing that happened to me today.

I have reinstalled IBM Notes 9.01 but did it a bit unusually:

1) I uninstalled IBM Notes and cleaned up all files and folders which usually stay after uninstallation.
2) Then I installed IBM Notes 9.01 and FP7 but when I wanted to install Extension Library from I realized that I forgot to enable Domino Designer and Domino Administrator options during setup. So I run installer again, chose option "Modify", enabled Domino Designer and Domino Administrator and got my Designer and Administrator back.
3) Then I run FP7 again just because I wasn't sure if it was needed or not to do it again after installation of Designer and Administrator.
4) All was OK and finally I installed Extension Library - this is something I did many times so I couldn't do it somehow differently then before.

However when I opened one of my Xpages-based applications in Designer I saw the error "Unable to build Xpages as the following library:, is not installed."

Two more strange things in addition:

1) Designer didn't show "IBM Bluemix Manifest" under "Application Configuration"

2) When I checked Xsp Properties I saw such picture:
I compared files in Notes\Data\workspace\applications\eclipse\plugins with working properly IBM Notes client on another computer and list of jar-files was the same. Googling didn't help either because all posts I found were about issues with previewing of Xpages in browser - that was not my case.

Eventually I uninstalled everything again, cleaned up files and folder and then installed all three clients with the first setup, installed Extension Library and this time all was OK.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Great news about BM Notes/Domino 9.0.1 Feature Pack 8

IBM Notes/Domino 9.0.1 Feature Pack 8 Preliminary Release Notice
January 27, 2017

Beginning with 9.0.1 FP8, fix packs have been renamed to feature packs. To ensure quality, these feature packs still have a high focus on addressing high impacting defects. Where possible, these features are optional enabled to minimize risk. The same packaging, architecture and install kits used in previous fix packs remain in use for feature packs.

IBM has identified important Notes/Domino SPRs to be fixed in the latest Feature Pack release, 9.0.1 Feature Pack 8. This notice serves as the Preliminary Fix List. All fixes in this Feature Pack have been selected through our Triage process of high impacting customer requested bug fixes and are currently undergoing testing. IBM reserves the right to remove any fix from this targeted release if it does not pass quality engineering tests. Please consider this information to be provisional. Do not base irreversible business decisions on this information until the Feature Pack has been officially released.

The Notes/Domino Fix List website on developerWorks will show you the status of this Feature Pack on the Upcoming Releases tab. This preliminary Release Notice will be updated to include a more descriptive explanation of the problem and fix, where applicable. Also, a link to the technote and regression information will be provided.

Notes/Domino 9.0.1 Feature Pack 8 addresses defects in the Client, Server, and the Domino OpenSocial component. All Feature Packs are language independent and may be applied on any language version of Notes/Domino 9.0.1.

Notes/Domino 9.0.1 Feature Pack 8 includes new features that benefit our customers. Some of these features have been in development for years and we are excited to make them available. Please refer to the "New Features" section below for more details.

9.0.1 Feature Pack 8 includes all of the content and supersedes the following deliverables:
  • Notes: 9.0.1 FP7, 9.0.1 FP7IF1, 9.0.1 FP7IF2
  • Domino: 9.0.1 FP7, 9.0.1 FP7IF1, , 9.0.1 FP7IF2
  • iNotes 9.0.1 FP7, 9.0.1 FP7IF1, 9.0.1 FP7IF2, 9.0.1 FP7IF3

Decision to upgrade
Customers are urged to upgrade to the latest Release and Feature Packs (in this case, 901FP8) to benefit from later features and fixes made to the product. By providing a number of features and fixes, customers are able to accept fewer code changes with lower risk, allowing them to "patch" an older Maintenance Release.

Feature Packs provide important fixes and IBM strongly recommends applying the latest Feature Pack available for a Maintenance Release to receive the broadest set of fixes available.

Things to Note:
  • NBP replaced with ICAA - There is no NBP (Notes Browser Plugin) shipped with 9.0.1 FP8. This has been replaced with ICAA (IBM Client Application Access). For more information, see IBM Client Application Access V1.0.1 documentation
  • Notes Client on Linux - There is no Notes client for Linux shipped with 9.0.1 FP8. This client platform has been discontinued and customers are encouraged to move to Windows or Mac.
  • Domino Server on Linux32 and AIX32 - There is no Domino Server for Linux32 and AIX32 shipped with 9.0.1 FP8. This server platform has been discontinued and customers are encouraged to move to the 64-bit platforms. Windows 32 bit remains a shipped and support platform.
  • Windows Server 2016 Support - (SPR #SVROAEPS4R)

New Features in IBM® Domino® 9.0.1 Social Edition Feature Pack 8

The documentation in Knowledgebase will be updated with these new features to coincide with the ship date of 9.0.1 FP8

1) Optionally Move Views outside of NSF  for Increased data store in NSF.
This feature is useful for large databases and provides the following benefits:
- A smaller database file size, to avoid reaching the 64GB limitation.
- Faster database backup and restore.
- Better performance by allowing concurrent access to database and views.

2) Java Upgrade to 1.8.
The Java run time environment provided with Domino has been upgraded to Java JRE version 1.8 to provide you with access to the latest features.

3) Optionally Increase Document Summary Data (SPR #AKNX64TLRS APARID: LO04193)
You can increase the document summary data limit on Notes 9 databases to 16MB from 64K. (The size limit for a single field remains 32 K.)

4) Add support for ADFS 3.0 and update the corresponding Cookbook instructions for configuration.

New Features in IBM® Notes® 9.0.1 Social Edition Feature Pack 8
1) Optionally Add Show Options: "Group By Date" And "Beginning Of Message", To Desktop Policy Settings (SPR #JSTN98BP3T APARID: LO75595)
Administrators can add the notes.ini setting EnableGroupByDate=1 on mail servers to enable the Show > Group By Date option in all mail files.

2) Optionally Retain MIME formatting when forwarding or replying to internet messages
A notes.ini setting is now available for Notes Standard clients to retain MIME message formatting when users reply to or forward messages received from the internet. Without this setting, MIME messages are converted to Notes Rich Text which can cause some MIME formatting to be lost.

3) Optionally Enable displaying internet addresses in mail and calendar documents
You can enable internet addresses rather than Notes addresses to display in the Notes client mail and calendar. For example, display rather than Samantha Daryn/Renovations@Renovations. To enable this feature, add the following setting to the notes.ini file on a Notes client $INETADDRESSFIXUP=1

Fixes contained in this Feature Pack
A plus symbol (+) before the SPR number indicates a fix for a regression bug. A regression bug is an issue that was introduced in a Maintenance Release but did not exist in previous releases of that code stream. For example, a bug that appears in 9.0.1 but did not exist in 9.0.0 is a regression.
If an APAR exists for the corresponding SPR, the APAR number will appear in parentheses next to the SPR number. For example, SPR #nnnnnnnnnn (LO12345).

The Fix List database on developerWorks contains the description of each fix in this Feature Pack, and indicates which platform(s) have been fixed.

9.0.1 Feature Pack 8 Preliminary Fix List descriptions:

Domino Server
CSYL9VBRVE (LO84524) - Fix an issue where calendar updates do not update the notes invitee's calendar If autoprocessing is enabled.
GMAA7YUHGZ (LO47397) - Allow users the option to disable password history.
+KGEW7QNV85 (LO39186) - Fixed a problem where Notes is unable to send an internet email message if the address is enclosed in single-quotes. This was a regression introduced in 9.0.1.
BBSZAB5DFH (LO89375) - Fix an issue where a vaulted NSL user is not able to get new keys when public key checking is enabled.
+KBRNAEMPX2 (LO90491) - Fix a threading mismatch issue resulting in problems with cluster replication on Linux64/zLinux64 systems. This was a regression introduced in 9.0.1 FP7.
MJBC9EBVCN (LO78311) - Fix an issue where new documents are lost when compact -REPLICA is running in a mail database.
ALSR8ZZR5J (LO72622) - Fix an LDAP search authentication issue with special characters.
MJTMA8J3MU (LO88473) - Fix a server crash issue.
+MKIN9Z6S5D (LO89583) - Fix an intermittent database issue preventing users from opening a database resulting in the following error "This database is currently in use by another person or process, and cannot be accessed at this time". This was a regression introduced in 9.0.1 FP7.

ARBQ9Q5HR9 (LO82463) - Fix an issue where messages sent from clients to external recipients will move addresses from the CC field to the TO field on replies.
ADONADJUDF (LO90147) - Fix an issue with the dialog prompting "How Do You Want To Open This File?" when opening a jpg or bmp file.
JGRN84PJJF (LO45099) - Fix intermittent client crashes using the Notes Client together with OLE apps.
GFAL9V7UQ2 (LO84501) - Fix the error "Your Public Key Does Not Match The One Stored In The Address Book" when the user's person document has been updated with their new public key but not the local/vaulted ID file.
PEDSA7QK9P (LO87584) - Fix an issue where the Notes Client SSO connection expires after the user's IBM notes client is left inactive for some time.
AYAVACYBSJ (LO90045) - Fix an issue where an XML attachment is rendering as part of the message body.
+RGAUADUM59 (LO90248) - Fix duplicate attachment icons when using LS embedobject to attach files to a notesrichtextitem. This was a regression introduced in 9.0.1 FP7.

XNTCADK4VX (LO90168) - iNotes: Fix issue in Chrome 53 causing no response after clicking any item in Show menu.
+MBLTADSK8M (LO90227) - Fix a problem resulting in "formula error" and failure to log on to iNotes if the server locale is non-English, e.g. German. This was a regression introduced in 9.0.1 FP7.
+KRAUADZLLH (LO90288) - Fix the ActiveX control pop-up when the file attachment utility is disabled. This was a regression introduced in 9.0.1 FP7.
VTMHAH8Q8P (LO091213): Meetings created in iNotes using OS timezone Brasilia are off by 2 hours

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

How to set Workspace as default homepage in IBM Notes client


Recently I've got the task to set up Workspace as default homepage in IBM Notes client for about 400 users.

Googling didn't really help - suggestion from IBM I found looked crazy and I didn't want to mess with it. My hope on Domino policies didn't work either - not sure, may be I missed something.

However I found another interesting thing that can be very helpful for resolving this task.
Database Bookmark.nsf (where Workspace is actually located) contains form "WPDiscoverChange"

with a button "Set Workspace as Home"

with @formula: @URLOpen("notes:///ClientBookmark?OpenWorkspace&SetAsHome")

This option opens many possibilities about how to programmatically set Workspace as Homepage:

1) Use any third party tool for a single mass-opening of mentioned URL for all users
2) Put NotesUiWorkspace.URLOpen() into PostOpen of Database Script of mail template with some additional logic to run it at once per each user
3) Send Notes-email with Notes-button "Click me" in body which would open the URL 
4) Send Notes-email with saved form that would open URL on email PostOpen event

The only one disadvantage of using this approach that I currently see is that Workspace will get active and gets in front of all windows in your Lotus Notes so if you put URL opening on mail database PostOpen even (Database Script) then user may be confused because Workspace window will cover Mail database window. However it should happen only once so I think I go with this approach than with the one suggested by IBM.

If you know better way - please share.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Avoid processing items as both NotesItem and NotesMIMEEntity objects concurrently.

Hi guys

May be this will save a day to someone.

Let's imagine you need to send email with HTML inside.
In most of cases you would need to use NotesMIMEEntity class and probably some other MIME-related classes to build mail Body. Though it is possible to use the same classes to define Subject, SendTo, CopyTo and other mail headers people often use usual NotesItem-based syntax for the rest simple mail parameters.

However very important point is that as soon as you used NotesMIME-class you can NOT use NotesItem-based syntax until you close all NotesMIME entities.

So, if you write something like below, it will be rather OK

Set mailDoc = db.createdocument
mailDoc.Subject ="blablabla"
mailDoc.SendTo =""

Set mime = mailDoc.CreateMIMEEntity()
call maiDoc.send(false)

However, if you do it in another order you will reap problems sooner or later

Set mailDoc = db.createdocument
Set mime = mailDoc.CreateMIMEEntity()
mailDoc.Subject ="blablabla"
mailDoc.SendTo =""
call maiDoc.send(false)

The last example can even work when you try it, but then after some time users may complain about empty mail Body or something else.

If you really need to work with mail NotesItems after you used NotesMIME-classes you have to close all MIME entities first, for example, using method NotesDocument.CloseMIMEEntities.

Actually, everything I said here you can find in description of NotesMIMEEntity class in Usage part that I personally read not carefully enough.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Third level in "Application links" section of Xpages Application Layout, WTF?


Do you know how to create a third level in "Application links" section of Xpages "Application Layout" control? It has to work but it doesn't.

Please look on my screen shots below.

Here is a simple page with a single "Application layout" control (Bootstrap theme).
I have added three levels for my top menu (in different ways).

However I can only see two first levels in browser and whatever I tried to do the third level never appears.

Do you know how to fix that?

I have the latest version of Extension Library (Jun 2, 2016) and Domino 9.0.1FP5