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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

FT_FLY_INDEX_OFF=1 and its affect on existing applications


If you ever tried the Domino Configuration Tuner you might get a suggestion to disable FullText indexing on the fly since it is not a very nice thing for the Domino server performance. I completely agree with that, btw.

This tip can be implemented by adding FT_FLY_INDEX_OFF=1 to the notes.ini or to the corresponding Tab of the server Configuration document.

This is clear.

However, before doing this, I suggest you to review all existing databases on your server, especially which were developed or purchased - I mean not standard databases. The reason of this suggestion is that all agents which use property "Document Selection" will stop to work for databases without FullText index and you will get an error like:

Agent cannot run. Database is not full text indexed and INI variable FT_FLY_INDEX_OFF is set.

See my screenshots below

Here is an error in Domino console

So, such kind of Domino server tuning requires cooperation with developers and careful deployment.

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