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Friday, January 11, 2013

How to get internet addresses from Lotus Notes email


I do not know if you ever need this but you may find here my implementation of functions which may help you to extract internet addresses from Lotus Notes email. The challenge here is that there are many different aspects which affect on implementation: number of email items and their relationship, way of sending/receiving, email type etc.

I will try to list the main dependencies which affect in implementation below:

  • An outbound Lotus Notes email can be send using either Notes Names or Internet Addresses of the recipients.
  • An outbound Lotus Notes email can be send directly to another Lotus Notes user through NNN or to Internet through SMTP.
  • There are many items in Lotus Notes email which are related to recipients/sender internet addresses and these items contain different values for different cases. For example, Lotus Notes email may have two items: SendTo and InetSendTo:
    • If email was sent to recipient using his Notes Name, then SendTo field contains Notes Name, when InetSendTo field contains Internet Adderss resolved from Domino Directory. 
    • If email was sent to recipient using his Internet Address, then SendTo field contains Internet Address, when InetSendTo field contains '.' (dot)
  • Lotus Notes Mail database can receive inbound emails using POP3 and IMAP accounts of your Lotus Notes clients without Domino server participation.

  • Besides usual emails, Lotus Notes mail database also works with Tasks, Appointments, Task notices/updates, Appointment updates/notices, special messages...

  • Mail database can receive meeting invitation from external systems, like Google Calendar etc.

  • Company's environment may have many additional Domino Directories configured through "Directory Assistance" or "Directory Catalog" what affects on resolving of Internet Address by Notes Name etc.
So, what I am trying to say is that from my experience this task is complicated.
Almost every case, every kind of message has small or big amount of differences you have to take into account and it took some time for me and my brother to make this lotus script functions capable to extract Internet Addresses from almost any kind of documents from Mail database.

Hope it will help someone.


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