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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

IBM Notes 9 may corrupt local names.nsf on crash

Hello guys

Today I experienced this problem 5th time so it is obvious a bug in IBM Notes 9.
The problem is that when your IBM Notes crashes it may happen that your names.nsf will be corrupted and all location documents are dead. Today I got this issue again - in general it is a 5th time since I started to use IBM Notes 9: twice with IBM Notes 9 beta and 3 times with public release 9,

How it looks:

1) My IBM Notes 9 crashed.

2) After I cleaned up memory from hanged Notes processes and launched my IBM Notes 9 again I saw that list with locations was empty (actually it contained only the last location I used before the crash against 8 different locations I had):

3) When I entered password I got "Invalid or nonexistent document"

4) Since I had this issue earlier I made a backup of my working local names.nsf exactly for such cases. 
So I save my current (broken) names.nsf to check it later and restore correct names.nsf from backup.

5) When I launched IBM Notes 9 again and opened broken names.nsf I saw that all location documents are there:
However when I try to open any of them I got the error

When I run nfixup.exe and ncompact.exe over this broken database only one location document stayed there. All other location documents including connection documents are gone :-(


  1. same here, about 5 times for me also, very annoying

  2. I back up local names.nsf from time to time to have it exactly for such cases :-)

  3. Hi Yuriy,
    Do you know why this happened? I am also having the same problem. Would like to know the root cause of this problem.


    1. Hi
      No, I have no idea.
      However with the last fix packs/upgrades I do not have this issue any more.
      As you could see in my post this issue happened only with Notes 9.0 for me.
      Now I have 9.0.1 and many early problems are gone.

  4. hi.. this happened to me on my profile document. after replication, and some editing on the profile doc, a few saves, open and close, then wham! the profile doc shows this error...
    i was using, false) for this one (not ui doc).
    problem is i have no backup of profile doc being used.
    any suggestions... thanks a lot.