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Sunday, September 1, 2013

On save issue with a date field with a "Calenar/Time control" style enabled


Guys, did you notice that sometimes when you press Ctrl+S after changing a value in a Date field with "Calendar/Time control" style enabled its old value is restored back?

Here is a list of steps to reproduce:

1) Create a Date field on a form with mentioned style enabled. Put @Today as a default value for this field.

3) Create a document using this Notes form

3) Select the last digit of the year using your mouse

4) Change it to another digit using a keyboard, f.x. to 4

5) Press Ctrl+S. If you are "lucky" you may see that previous value is restored without any reason.

If you does not get it from the first time just do it two, three or four times. Simply change the last digit of a year using your mouse and keyboard and then press Ctrl+S. 
I am sure you will be able to reproduce it.

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