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Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Hi guys

Recently one LN user asked me "why can't I archive some of my emails (not calendar events) using top menu option Actions\Archive\Archive selected documents?".

When I checked it myself I saw a following message: "Some of the selected documents were not deleted because they are still required in this database."

Actually, such emails were copied to archive database but could not be removed from the active mail database by some reason.

I googled a little and found only two more or less helpful articles:

They helped me to find the reason: problem emails had an empty $NoPurge field.

What I cannot get so far is how to get an empty "$NoPurge" field when email is not marked up with "Follow Up" flag.

Do you know?

Since I knew only about "Follow Up" functionality that is related to this field I played a lot with it but could not reproduce it eventually: when you mark some email with "Follow Up" flag it gets an empty $NoPurge field and email becomes "unarchivable" what is correct, however when you remove "Follow Up" flag $NoPurge field gets a value "12/07/89 12:00:00 AM" and you can archive such email with "Actions\Archive\Archive selected documents" menu option after that.

So what is the scenario to get an empty $NoPurge field inside of emails which are not marked up with "Follow Up" flag?

As a workaround for that user I suggested to select all "hanged" emails, set "Follow Up" flag on them and then remove it - after that archiving works. But this is ridicules, I am still looking for a better solution...


  1. Thank you so much, ran into this today and I didn't see that the user had them selected as follow up emails

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