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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Do not use two or more lotusscript expressions in one line via ":" symbol because you will not be able to use Script Debugger properly


As you know IBM Lotus Domino Designer allows to use two or even more lotusscript expressions in one line concatenated by ":" symbol.

Something like
Print 1 : Print 2

However I do not suggest you to do it like that.
You will reap headache when you need to debug lotusscript code that contains such constructions.

The problem is that Script Debbuger automatically divides expressions to separate lines and you will get a mess, see below.

F.x., how it looks in IBM Domino Designer (function "a()" in script library "1")

And now how it looks in Script Debugger.

The worse thing is that I clicked "Step Over" only three times!!!
Instead if focusing corresponding "Print" statement Script Debugger focused an unexpected line. 
In my case it is an empty line but in your case you can have some lotusscript there and if run-time error happens you may look for it in a wrong line.

So, do not join separate lotusscript expressions in one line.

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