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Thursday, May 29, 2014

IBM Lotus Notes and Ctrl+Break on new laptops without button "Pause/Break" on keyboard. Is it familiar to you? :-)

Hi guys.

Couldn't stop lotusscript execution because I hadn't "Pause/Break" button on my HP Pavilion dv7 so I couldn't use Ctrl+Break. Shut downing of Notes processes all the time is also not the best option, especially in case if your script writes to database - all those consistency check afterwards, you know :-)

So, just to save your time, my solution is 'On-Screen Keyboard' inbuilt into Windows 8 (not sure about other Windows versions).

Just run cmd-command 'osk' and you should get it.

I love you


  1. I found when notes was doing something it prevented the osk keyboard coming up even when it was started and would only display when the Notes operation had finished. Nice try but ....

  2. doesn't seem to work for me-- what do you do exactly to get 'ctrl-break' ?