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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Toolbar button "Go up for parent view"


Several days ago my friend, who is also a Lotus Notes developer asked me a question about one task he was worked on: it was required to provide users with functionality to find open in UI document in a view.

His company users complained that they received some automatic notifications with Notes-links inside but they needed to see those documents in the Notes views also and it took time to open documents by Notes-links, then copy to clipboard information from specific fields and then run search in a view to find them there.

My friend told me that he developed an agent, that he incorporated into each important application on Domino server and it was possible to run it from opened in UI document to get focused on the same document in the Notes View.

He was very frustrated when I told him that there is a native toolbar button for this purpose :-)
So I share this knowledge with you, probably it will prevent you from developing something similar

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  1. haha great tip! I was not aware of that button.