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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

A bug? Attachments in a 2nd nested subform are always displayed at bottom additionally.


You may know that computed subforms can be helpful if you need to hide/show richtext field.
You can create a subform, put there richtext field and then insert computed subform on a main form with required formula. I used this approach many times and it always worked perfectly.

However today I discovered that this approach does not work if you richtext is located in a nested subform that is inserted in another subform that is eventually used on a main form. In this case all attachments are displayed additionally at the bottom under horizontal line like there is not associated richtext field on Notes form at all.

Form<-Computed subform: it works

Form<-Computed subform <-Computed subform (richtext is here): all attachments are displayed twice.

Btw, it does not matter if it is a computed subform or explicitly inserted subform - it works the same buggy for attachments in a second nested subform.

Crap :-) Now I have to switch to solution with a collapsible section or layer.

Release 9.0.1FP2 SHF63


  1. Even with $V2AttachmentOptions set? Wierd!

  2. Hi, I think $V2AttachmentOptions works only for Web and it hides attachments completely.
    My case is different. I do what to see my attachments in Notes client but only once, not twice.
    Thank's for your comment anyway :-)

    1. FYI Rather well working approach to overcome this issue is described in the article In general - you should add Header section into your Main form with hight value enough to hide V2-style attachments. Just one note - In the article suggesting to set the value to 0 or 1 pixels, but as i found this hides not only the V2 attachments, but Action bar as well. So if there are actions on Action bar then you have to find a proper value to hide V2-style attachmens, but not Action bar.

  3. This has been a known issue with Notes since 2003. Nice to see IBM taking software quality seriously.

    I was doing some Googling today to see if this problem had been fixed before making some changes to an existing old Notes client system and came across your post. :-)

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  5. It works fine in Browsers. I have an application with RichText on a computed Subform, embedded in another computed Subform and it seems ok.