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Thursday, May 21, 2015

How to export Outlook email to Notes mail database


Here is a working example of my solution which let you export Outlook email to Notes document.

You might see many other similar examples in Internet but my solution handles inline images and attachments. I remember when I was looking for such solution, everything I could find was partly done, so here you probably have the best working example :-)


Few things:
1) Database contains only one agent that does the magic.
2) The agent saves Notes document created from Outlook item in the current database. However the best thing would be to save it into Mail database because it would automatically do some tricks with inline pictures.
3) I didn't implement smart switching between Notes/Outlook windows so if you run solution and see nothing try to switch between Notes/Outlook - probably there is some dialog window waiting for your decision.


Btw, as you can see this solution start working from Notes client. However recently I developed Outlook Add-in that provided Outlook users with a new button on existing ribbon and let them save email in the Notes Mail database - the same business case but implemented in more native way for Outlook users than clicking some button in some Notes-database.

Short update.
For months of using my Add-in in production we experienced different issues with fetching SMTPAddress of recipients, senders. I found the way how to fix all issues but decided to not open that code in public since I put there much efforts and time. So, in case you really need to resolve similar issues please contact me privately.

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