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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Be care with @Domain part when you deal with user names


Recently I found a thing that worth to pay attention to.

You could notice that when you create a new email, select user from Domino Directory and then press F9 then @Domain part is automatically added to the end of the Notes-name.

Here are some screenshots:

image 1: after user selection but before pressing F9

image 2: after pressing F9

However, what is not probably clear for everyone is that ...
format like "Yuriy Pastovenskyy/Intelliglobe@Intelliglobe" has sense only for mail router.
This is NOT a notes name any more!

I think it may be confusing because users (which can perform simple administrative tasks) used to see both formats, users know that both names work OK when you send emails so it can make an impression like both formats are equal and Lotus Domino server always knows who is who. However they are not equal.
If you put such name into READERS or AUTHORS field - it will not work.
It is even harder to catch in case of Notes groups:

Correct configuration: Notes sees that I am a member of my test group

Incorrect configuration: I am not a member of the group

Forewarned is forearmed.

1 comment:

  1. Another reason not to append the domain name is that if the user is either renamed or deleted, the entry will not be updated or removed.