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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

How to set Workspace as default homepage in IBM Notes client


Recently I've got the task to set up Workspace as default homepage in IBM Notes client for about 400 users.

Googling didn't really help - suggestion from IBM I found looked crazy and I didn't want to mess with it. My hope on Domino policies didn't work either - not sure, may be I missed something.

However I found another interesting thing that can be very helpful for resolving this task.
Database Bookmark.nsf (where Workspace is actually located) contains form "WPDiscoverChange"

with a button "Set Workspace as Home"

with @formula: @URLOpen("notes:///ClientBookmark?OpenWorkspace&SetAsHome")

This option opens many possibilities about how to programmatically set Workspace as Homepage:

1) Use any third party tool for a single mass-opening of mentioned URL for all users
2) Put NotesUiWorkspace.URLOpen() into PostOpen of Database Script of mail template with some additional logic to run it at once per each user
3) Send Notes-email with Notes-button "Click me" in body which would open the URL 
4) Send Notes-email with saved form that would open URL on email PostOpen event

The only one disadvantage of using this approach that I currently see is that Workspace will get active and gets in front of all windows in your Lotus Notes so if you put URL opening on mail database PostOpen even (Database Script) then user may be confused because Workspace window will cover Mail database window. However it should happen only once so I think I go with this approach than with the one suggested by IBM.

If you know better way - please share.

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