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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Unable to build Xpages as the following library:, is not installed


I want to share one strange thing that happened to me today.

I have reinstalled IBM Notes 9.01 but did it a bit unusually:

1) I uninstalled IBM Notes and cleaned up all files and folders which usually stay after uninstallation.
2) Then I installed IBM Notes 9.01 and FP7 but when I wanted to install Extension Library from I realized that I forgot to enable Domino Designer and Domino Administrator options during setup. So I run installer again, chose option "Modify", enabled Domino Designer and Domino Administrator and got my Designer and Administrator back.
3) Then I run FP7 again just because I wasn't sure if it was needed or not to do it again after installation of Designer and Administrator.
4) All was OK and finally I installed Extension Library - this is something I did many times so I couldn't do it somehow differently then before.

However when I opened one of my Xpages-based applications in Designer I saw the error "Unable to build Xpages as the following library:, is not installed."

Two more strange things in addition:

1) Designer didn't show "IBM Bluemix Manifest" under "Application Configuration"

2) When I checked Xsp Properties I saw such picture:
I compared files in Notes\Data\workspace\applications\eclipse\plugins with working properly IBM Notes client on another computer and list of jar-files was the same. Googling didn't help either because all posts I found were about issues with previewing of Xpages in browser - that was not my case.

Eventually I uninstalled everything again, cleaned up files and folder and then installed all three clients with the first setup, installed Extension Library and this time all was OK.

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