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Sunday, January 14, 2018

Xpages - building issue


Yesterday I wasted several hours because of issue with building of Xpages in one of my apps. As usually, it happened suddenly, like, I was developing a few hours and all was OK but then my last changes refused to appear/work and I always got an old version of Xpage that I was working on.

I personally did not use "Build Automatically" option enabled as many people suggested but even so I still had building issues from time to time. Previously I resolved all such issues by cleaning my project up or by complete restarting of Lotus Notes client and then rebuilding again.

However this didn't work the last time.
I tried really a lot: checked that generated java-classes in /local/xsp really had my last changes, cleaned up everything related to my project in IBM\Lotus\Notes\Data\workspace\ and then rebuilt the project again, performed fixup and compact, re-created the db and then replaced design with template made from the last version of my app and so on - nothing helped.

Fortunately I had a LIVE version of this app while I was working in DEV version so I could compare project properties and this helped me to discover that by some mysterious reason this folder was removed from build path - adding it back resolved the issue.

Hope this will save time for someone.

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