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Monday, January 14, 2013

An agent for exporting any view to MS Excel


From time to time I got requests from different users to make some report functionality for them.
In the most of cases they wanted a simple MS Excel sheet where rows contained data from different NotesDocuments and columns were associated with required items.

Sometimes such functionality was needed only for a single exporting, sometimes for a couple of times. I found this kind of tasks quite boring so I decided to develop a simple agent that is capable to export any Notes View to MS Excel. I put this agent into every notes database on the production server.

It helped me very much.

Now I need to develop only complicated report solutions. Simple cases users are capable to resolve themselves. Fortunately, our Company uses a knowledge database where I published a nice instruction about how to create private views for custom reports.
Can't say everyone read it :-) but some of users - yes. So all these things saved a lot of time for me.

You may utilize this agent in your applications.


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