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Monday, January 14, 2013

Files Zipping


I want to share with you a simple solution for zipping files using Java capabilities.
On the bottom of this post you may find an nsf-file that contains one Java library - ZipFile.
'ZipFile' Java library contains one class ZipFile with a single method zipMyFile:

zipMyFile(String filesToZip, String zipFilePath, String compressionLevel, boolean withFolderTree)

Honestly speaking, I did not write it from the scratch.
I found some examples in Internet and reworked them into this solution.

Method zipMyFile works with 4 parameters:
  • a list of files you want to zip joined via '|', every file should contain an absolute path.
  • an absolute path for output zip-file
  • boolean flag that defines if zipping files should save their folders tree inside of output zip-file. If you set this flag to 0, then all files will be zipped to the root of zip-file.

Except this Java class, database contains form 'ZipFile' for testing purposes.

Note: this solution does not check a case when user selects a few files from different folders but with the same name and parameter withFolderTree = 0. In this case user gets an error since it is impossible to have a few files with the same name in the root of zip-file.


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