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Friday, January 11, 2013

Database Script in Eclipse based IDE

Hi guys

Though "Database Script" is a familiar design element for all of us, sometimes it is a quite tricky thing to work with it.

The main issue with Database Script I met is that sometimes Database Script does not "see" the changes made in Domino Designer until you close Domino Designer. If you now how to fix that, please let me know.

Another strange thing we got with new IDE is that it is not obvious if "Database script" design element is created or not created.

Check my screens below

At first I want to remind you how it was in previous versions of Domino Designer (6x, 7x, 8.0x) :

You could easily see if database has "Database script" design element and who is its signer

With Eclipse based IDE you may do it also but not in an obvious way.

If you check "Properties" of design elements category in the left menu of Domino Designer you will see properties of DATABASE instead of properties of selected design elements category.

If you check "Properties" of Database Script you will see the same picture in case if your database does not have this design element created

But if your database has "Database script" design element created then you will be able to see its properties

Another one option is to click on "Code\Database script" menu option with a right mouse button. If you see enabled "Delete" option then your database has this design element created. However, this method does not allow you to see any of its properties.

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