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Friday, January 11, 2013

Merging of replication conflicts + dedicated server for scheduled agents


I decided to share with you a really nice approach of building a proper environment for applications which use scheduled agents with a schedule "More than once a day".

Let's say you have an application where:
  • some documents should get an unique number after creation
  • some documents should be updated with changes made in their parent documents
  • some document should be updated when database (that is a mail-in database) received some emails 
  • bla bla bla
Notice: this application is highly used by many users.

So, in such environment save conflicts can be a big trouble: users and scheduled agents may do changes to the same documents in the same time and so on and so forth.

The smart thing for an application architect is to prevent or at least to reduce the probability of such cases.

To reduce the number of save conflicts you may organize next environment:

Of course, such architecture does not save you from replication conflicts completely but it may reduce the number of conflicts significantly even without using a standard document locking functionality.

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