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Friday, January 11, 2013

Form property "Auto Launch: First Attachment"


Recently I fixed one strange bug.
Actually, I did it in a one minute, because it was quite obvious how to do that but anyway I want to share my solution since it can help someone less experienced in Lotus Notes.

The case is next: you have a form with a RichText field on it and you enabled form property "Auto Launch: -First Attachment-"

Create a document and attach any file into RichText field.

Try to open this document from Notes.
You will get a warning with something about "-No Signature-".
Like this one:

Since Lotus Notes says something about wrong signature, let's just sign document after UI save.

Now document opens without any warnings.


Lotus Powa!

1 comment:

  1. Great Tip!

    But I also found out that in R 8.5 you can select the Form property 'Sign Documents that use this form'
    This also solved this problem ;)

    Wim Vdd