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Friday, January 11, 2013

Show Java Debug Console

Hi guys

Did you notice that sometimes top menu option "Tools\Show Java Debug Console" does not work? I mean you click on it but java console window does not appear - just nothing happens.

I know only one way how to get it for sure (suggested by my bro):
  • Completely close Lotus Notes
  • Launch Domino Designer
  • Click on "Tools\Show Java Debug Console" to get java debug console window (with only Domino Designer launched it works always)
  • Launch Lotus Notes
I am completely sure I am not a fan of this way :-)

Do you know how to do it easier?

1 comment:

  1. Same problem for me, too. The work around you list also works in reverse (for me.) That is: (1) close all clients, (2) launch Notes, (3) open java debug console, and (4) launch Designer.

    IBM says it is an "unknown cause" (SPR # BHUY89QGK7)