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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

"Select Addresses" Web dialog for selecting users from Domino Directory


If you ever worked on Web applications based on Lotus Domino you might need a Web implementation of a standard "Select Addresses" dialog for selecting users from Domino Directory.

Though the first thought that came on my mind when I started to work on this task was to utilize a standard "Select Addresses" Web dialog - I did not find any way how to do that.

I am talking about this iNotes dialog window:

So eventually I had to rely on something custom, developed by me or anyone else from Lotus Notes community. Fortunately I found one workable solution I want to share with you. When I worked on this post I realized that I can not remember the source where I got this example. I found it a couple of months ago so sorry about that.

Anyway, here is a database with the workable solution: ypastov.webAddressDialog.nsf

It contains two design elements: Notes form "(Web)\Address" and Notes Agent "(Web)\AddressOpen" that is used on form WebQueryOpen.

I intentionally got rid from all css for this Web dialog since anyway you would use your application styles.

Do not forget that this solution will work only for authenticated users, you can not test it as Anonymous since this functionality reads data from system Domino Directory(ies)

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