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Monday, January 6, 2014

Agent on even "After new mail has arrived" says "Agent will not run on ' ' "


Recently I have got an issue with an agent that worked on event "After new mail has arrived".
It printed to console a message: Agent will not run on ' ' and didn't do its job.

The reason of that was that agent was configured to be run on behalf of a person, which did not have any Mail configuration defined in his Person-document.

Actually this is a quite known issue - a runner of an agent (or a signer if there is no any value in "Run on behalf of") should have a current server as a home Mail server in his Person-document. So to fix it select another person for "Run on behalf of" or update the current runner/signer person-document with a corresponding mail information.

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    perfect, thank you for the TIP. made my day!