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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Do you know how to turn off "Follow up" flag on archived email?


Recently I have been a little bit confused when I failed to find a quick answer on question "How to turn off "Follow up" flag on archived email". I suggested to a user an obvious way, something like "Open archive, select email, and click on Follow Up\Remove flag" button

However such button is not accessible in Mail archive

This is madness :-)
(c) 300.

I think that probably I could cut & paste archived email back to my Active Mail database, disable Follow Up flag there and then archive or cut & paste it back to Mail Archive but this is so annoying.

So I've just created an agent with formulas like this:

field FollowUpDate := @DeleteField;
field FollowUpTime :=@DeleteField;
field FollowUpText :=@DeleteField;
field FollowUpStatus :=@DeleteField;

However I am still curious, does anybody know how to remove follow up flag in Mail Archive using any user friendly way?

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