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Monday, August 25, 2014

A bug in NotesDatabase.Search() ?


I think I have found a bug in NotesDatabase.Search() function.
Or it is a bug in a While statement, not sure.

Let me explain.

If you define 3rd parameter in NotesDatabase.Search() to set a number of documents you want returned and then try to enumerate documents in block While you will see that code will pass through ALL documents  no matter how many documents are in collection.
NotesDatabase.FTSearch() instead works OK.

See example below.

Sub Initialize
Dim s As New notessession
Dim db As NotesDatabase
Dim col As NotesDocumentCollection
Dim note As NotesDocument
Dim counter As Integer

Set db = s.Currentdatabase
Set col = db.Search({Form="fmDDMAdministrationProbe"}, Nothing, 10) '<-- limited to 10 docs

Set note = col.Getfirstdocument()
While Not note Is Nothing 

counter = counter + 1

Print counter, col.count

Set note = col.getnextdocument(note)
End Sub

Now let's run it.

Checked in IBM Notes 9.0.1

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