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Monday, August 25, 2014

Is it the end of Lotus Notes?

Hi guys

Do you have a feeling that this 2014 year is the last year when you can find any job on Lotus Notes?
I do. Though this thought was somewhere deeply inside of me for a couple of last years I strongly felt it exactly this year.

No more job. No more need in nice Lotus Notes guys. No matter how good you are.
Where to go? What to do?
Am I still capable to start everything from scratch?
Can I shift down to a junior position, earn small money and learn, learn, learn?
Can you?

I personally think it depends from how hungry you are. I mean literally.

I see, I know, I understand that I have to study something else if I want to keep afloat and preferably urgently, while I am more or less healthy, while everything is more or less OK.
However, as said Marvin Hagler "It’s hard to wake up at 5 am and run six miles when you’re sleeping in silk pajamas.". I do not have silk pajamas but I am not hungry also. Is this good or bad?

Frankly speaking, I am doing small steps in studying Sharepoint services now. The key word is 'small' :-)
The reasons why I chose this technology were:

  • It is a Lotus Notes killer or at least a major killer if there are many of them. I am saying that because several last companies I worked for migrated their applications exactly to Sharepoint.
  • Business area is very close. Similar tasks, similar use cases: the same libraries, workflow, intranet portals etc. So at least knowledge about business processes, about what people need and expect can be brought from my previous life, life with Lotus Notes (sad sigh)

It's hard.
Each time when I get any Lotus Notes related task I gladly close Visual Studio and do what I can do really good, even if I know that this does not have a future. Let's hope we all will find our way to keep on :-)


  1. Yip - I have had the same feeling for a couple of years now. I just resigned my (quite cushy) job and am looking for something new in the IBM Notes world... nothing is around at the moment!

  2. 1 year on are you still lotus notes-ing?

    1. yep
      the funny thing that this year I have as much work as I have never had before.

  3. +2 year on are you still lotus notes-ing?

    1. Hi, yes and I have as much work as I have never before :-)

  4. -Year 2019
    -The world is taken over by monster Office 365 and Amazon WorkMail
    -I am still looking into blogs of Lotus notes from decade old.
    -Just to help peoples to migrate from Lotus Notes.... :(

    1. Hi, I am still on Lotus Notes as well :-) Still much work if you are an active enough. Let the show go on...