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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

If you can't remove lotus notes database icon from workspace


Here is a case.
I had a server based database and its local replica in "Test" folder on my computer.
I had both database icons stacked together.

Then I moved local replica to another folder using Windows file system.
Let's imagine it is "NewFolder" folder.

I added database icon of that relocated local replica to Lotus Notes workspace so I've got three icons eventually.

I did not need all of them since the middle one (in Test folder) did not exist any more.
However when I tried to remove it using "Manage List..." option I received a message that it couldn't be done.

I tried manually to remove all three icons and then add only two relevant icons - it didn't work, I still got three of them. 

However after I removed all three icons manually from workspace, closed Notes client, compacted desktop8.ndk, opened Notes again and added icons of server and local replica to workspace back I've got only two icons as I wanted to get.

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  1. I just had the same problem but removing/compacting/re-adding did not help in my case. I ended up using the Ytria scanEZ tool to locate the related document in the bookmark.nsf and corrected the $ReplicaFilePaths field manually (removed the invalid path). To find the problematic document I used the formula: @Contains( $ReplicaFilePaths; "writeinvalidpathhere" ). Cheers.