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Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Reply/Forward icon in Mail database


Recently we upgraded Notes to V12 and some of our users (which used non-English mail template) complained that they did not see that special icon in Mail views/folders telling which email was replied and/or forwarded.

Such icon is connected with the field $RespondedTo which is managed by Notes client itself, it is not created by some lotusscript or @formula in the mail database 

I noticed that this field was missing for those uses which had the issue with the icon.
After some investigation I discovered that this field is managed by Notes if this checkbox is enabled in user's maildb.

and it was disabled in mailboxes of the users complained about the issue.

The funny thing was that this checkbox was enabled in the mail template so I couldn't see the reasons why it wasn't inherited. To fix this issue I simply disabled and then enabled this checkbox back in the mail template and then ndesign.exe started to handle it correctly.


  1. There are new mail templates for 12.0.1 fixing this: