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Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Failed to create database, can not create multiple databases that differ only in case.


A funny thing happened today.

I needed to work while I was on vacation and my Internet was bad: I needed to create a mail-database on the server.

Initially I tried to do it directly from Notes client installed on my laptop.

I started the creation process (everything was standard: Ctrl+N, chose server, mail template etc) but then I quickly realized that it would take ages. So I break the process by clicking Ctrl+Pause but I kept the creation dialog opened in Notes on my laptop to let me copy filename and database title from it later.

I connected to server via RDP, ran Notes client there, issued "dbcache flush" in Domino console and deleted the incomplete database created by my local Notes client. 

No issues so far.

Then I tried to create mail database from the Notes client on the server by using the same filepath and title which I copied from the still opened creation dialog window in my local Notes client. 

However, I got an error saying "Failed to create database, cannot create multiple databases that differ only in case." I quickly googled it and most of the articles I found suggested to issue "dbcache flush" and "sh nlcache reset" which didn't help me at all. 

I tried to create this mail-database on another server in the cluster - it worked. Then I tried to replicate it to the initial server and got the same error. All these things I made from Notes client installed on the server.

I was very confused.

You know what eventually resolved the problem? 

The trick was to close db creation dialog window in my local Notes client - after that the error had gone.

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